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According to the scripture (Ps 127 vs 3)

“Children are a heritage of the Lord” This shows us that God is the rightful owner of children. As a result of this, those that have children should be aware that the owner will one day ask them question on how they brought up these children. In any case, note that there are rewards given to parents. These could be negative or positive rewards based on how your train your child.


In this write up, the upbringing of children will be discussed under three areas – education, family and morality.


According to the dictionary – Education is development of knowledge. Every child has the right to education. Parents should ensure that their children are given the right to sound education. Education is the only key that can bring an end to hooliganism, self-slavery poverty, cultism, unemployment. Education empowers children to be self-reliant, responsible and disciplined. Not only that, education is meant to reduce inequality and bring potentials out in children. If children receive sound education, it will change their perspectives about life.


Education is an eye opener to a child’s specialization. What do I mean? If you give your children the right education, sooner or later they will find their area of specialization, and this will lead them to self-reliance. If children are given the right education, the rate of “area boys” and “street girls” will be reduced to the lowest level.


The only medicine to cure ignorance quickly is education. It is education that reveals to you what you don’t know and gives you solution to it.  Without education, there will be no knowledge and the absence of this leads to spiritual, financial, economic and material deaths. Education builds nation but ignorance is the fastest means of destruction to any group of people.


The role that family plays in the upbringing of children cannot be over emphasized. The State of the family affects the child positively or negatively. The first learning of every child starts from the family. It is from the family that any religious act is inculcated into the child.


Parents need to be positive role model to the child in helping to shape the child’s opinion and attitudes about learning. Research shows that high self-esteem and child’s achievement are closely related to positive parental involvement in school.

When parents get involved in school, it can be a motivating factor to a child. It tells that child that the parents know that children are important.


Apart from this, communication with the child’s school is another important factor. Parents need to keep in touch with the child’s school and have positive relationship with the teacher.




This is a body of standard or principles derived from a code of conduct from a particular philosophy, religion or culture. Morality may also be specifically synonymous to goodness. The kind of morals practiced by parents goes a long way in show-casing the type of behaviour that their children will exhibit outside.


There is no doubt that parents who have good morals will produce children who also may generally have good conduct in the society. Children are always victims of their parent’s negative behaviour. Some parents, while they were young, exhibited some negative attitudes; these definitely may have some effects on their children. Any child without good morals is a threat to both the family and society in general. Parents should watch the kind of life they live before their children. They should mind the types of gadget they put in the house for children to use. Research has shown that modern instrument like radio and television have not been helping our children to develop good morals. If a child has positive morals that are accepted in the society, that child will have social and psychological sound mind and behaviour towards his or her education. Morals also describe decency of behaviour as to how one should salute or greet another.


Morality also shows how children can live in peace with one another either in the school or society.


Although the morality of a group or society may be derived from religion, morality and religion are not the same thing. Even at that, morality is only a guide to conduct whereas religion is always more than this.


In conclusion, children’s upbringing is a sensitive aspect of life that should be handled with great care. If the right values are not early enough inculcated in a child, the life of such a child will be a threat to the family and society. There is great fear in the society today because parents think that education alone is what they can give to their children. There should be close monitoring from home to school. Religious bodies should also play their own roles by making sure that their children practice what they are taught. Let me leave you with these statements.


If I fail to give my child a good direction in life, I have failed myself, my child and the society at large. Besides, my child may not forgive me when he/she grows up and realizes that I did not play a good role in bringing him/her up in an acceptance manner.


Finally, the Holy Bible says in Ephesians 4 vs 6 – And ye Fathers (Parents) provoke not your children to wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.



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